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The importance of internal communication

Internal communication is an action within a company capable of integrating teams and promoting a conversation among the most different hierarchies, always focusing on freedom of expression and a healthy exchange of ideas and opinions.

The basis of all this is the way in which companies from the most different sectors can focus not only on their customers, but also on the employees who work for them.

It is as if internal communication were also a way to reach employees just like consumers, making them love the company and create a certain loyalty, essential for the reduction, for example, of internal turnover.

For example, through internal communication actions, a company practices an organizational culture focused on sustainability, something aligned with the company's vision.

Thus, in addition to being informed about what the company considers important, employees have the chance to be increasingly closer to the company's purposes and also to their own desires, creating a very important approximation.

What are the advantages of investing in this communication?

Below we will learn a little more about the advantages of internal communication within a company. executive transportation company, for example, can raise results while dramatically improving the climate and integration.

1- More motivated employees

The motivation of employees is something fundamental within the work of internal communication, especially in companies with a large number of employees, something that shows a greater loss of control if there is not a proper format of organization.

It turns out that through communication actions, which integrate people who work together and increase contact with leaders, employees end up enjoying their work more.

All you have to do is weigh up what is more interesting: being in a company where there is freedom and a desire to exchange more concrete information, or in a place where there is no contact with what has been happening internally.

2- Greater productivity

Productivity is the result of a correspondence between work purposes and the exercise of the profession, but also of making it possible to worry less about other matters.

For example, an employee who has at hand the right information for his work, and at the same time can have greater contact with team leaders about problems and solutions in corporate events company, can work much better.

In contrast to this, there is not much in the way of focused work, and not even healthy exchanges and conversations that enable a healthy discussion of issues in the company.

3- Decrease in turnover

If a person does not feel satisfied in a company, either because of a disorganization of the leadership teams, a lack of communication with management, or even a lack of appreciation within the work, he or she promptly decides to look for new opportunities.

Although this healthy survival strategy is quite common, and even involves issues such as new challenges, one employee leaving and another new one coming in, messes with the business.

After all, inside the company there must be the training of someone who arrives, and although necessary, it almost always reduces the productive time, where another relevant issue could be being dealt with, such as the acceleration of a necessary job.

Furthermore, we can understand that the lack of turnover represents a positive comfort within a company, where someone really feels interested in continuing in that space, such as a periodic labor examination company.

4- Work focused on purposes

Internal communication also presents itself as a great opportunity for the business to establish a connection with its employees from the right purposes.

Through a correct connection between employees and leaders, there is a much more focused work in the resolution of routines that lead to a punctual objective, speeding up results and establishing a speed in the uniform manufacturing service.

All this can be easily established in the company through a communication without beating around the bush, and highly free for the participation of different opinions and points of view.

5- Interaction between teams

The coexistence among the employees of a company can also be achieved by good internal communication. This becomes essential so that the work together is increasingly aligned, and the environment becomes increasingly friendly.

It may seem unnecessary, but having a strong labor correlation in place can bring countless advantages to the company and also to the integration of its teams.

And this is an advantage brought not only to co-workers of the same internet equipment team, but also to those spread throughout the company, who even without working together, understand each other's service.

The main practices of an internal communication

Putting an internal communication within your company requires, initially, the survey of problems and the conception of diagnostics, followed by an implementation project, entitled to trainings and leaderships behind the process.

And by following some essential points, it gets easier and easier to bring an open and integrated communication to your company's reality. Here are the ways to do it:

Form an internal communication team

The employees who will put into practice the actions and projects of internal communication must be experienced in this type of work, which in this case, may be professionals such as:

  • Designers;

  • Public Relations;

  • Journalists

  • Publicists;

  • Marketing Managers.

All these professionals united, and with the specification for which they were trained, will be able to put into practice communication campaigns, as well as daily connections, through press releases and intranet articles, actions, and other types of integration activities.

In an executive transportation company, for example, this team will be ready to establish their own actions that are in touch with the company's purposes.

Work with surveys and audience research

Before even starting any kind of work within internal communication, it is necessary to have references about the public with which you are going to work, which is more interesting because it has a smaller proportion than in other types of communication.

The ideal is to get in touch with sectors that have information about employees, such as quantity, division about sectors or gender, putting research into practice.

This is the perfect opportunity to gather information, such as the preference for white labels within the company, the choice for plastic or glass cups, among other issues that require a general opinion so that standards can be established.

Choose relevant communication channels

Communication can only be put into practice through communication channels that actually have some relevance and are used daily by the target audience.

The choices can be as varied as: intranet channel, internal radio, banners on televisions in common areas, bulletin boards, email marketing, and even closed social networks for employees, available to all interns, even from the cleaning outsourcing company.

All of them must be implemented in the employees' routine, so that the communications and interactions are always seen and are targets of interest for the company's teams.

Work with Human Resources

The human resources sector of a company is responsible for working the whole hiring process until the integration of the employees, and it can also put into practice courses and training that give a continuation for their knowledge in the company.

It is essential within the internal communication an integration with these teams, since they are places where there is a much greater knowledge about everyone in the company.

Have the custom to put a partnership, for example, in integration programs, where in addition to lectures and training on daily work, there is some kind of general communication about that new employee for the rest of the company.

Make room for healthy exchange among teams

Internal communication is a possibility to put on the agenda different views about what happens in the company, including the differences as a healthy strength.

Therefore, it is interesting to put as a basis of these actions the different aspects, both of work and personal lives, forming a variety of employees, and implementing this with opinions on the most diverse issues, such as garbage collection.

Another important point is to leave an emphasis on the healthy exchange between hierarchies, opening a space for integrated teams and without fear of showing their views to bosses.

Final considerations

Internal communication is the basis of a joint and integrated work, and can be a great opportunity to put to the employees the company's purposes, always in line with their personal views and wishes.

The best within this idea of communication is to incorporate actions that have the employees' faces, besides opening space for healthy exchanges of opinions among everyone.

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