Customizable Intranet widgets by Digte

The Intranet by Digte has a set of more than 40 customizable widgets. These widgets use information that is stored in TOTVS Fluig Plataforma ECM itself, in the folder Digital Workplace, Templates or Digte Intranet (in the new version) created when installing the product.


The number of widgets available varies depending on the package purchased by the customer. In the Basic package there are 10 widgets available, Intermediate has 20 widgets, and the advanced has all the product widgets.


Standard Widget Functions

Intranet by Digte widgets have the following characteristics:


1. Theme: in the Theme tab, the visual characteristics of the widget linked to the themes are defined, as well as the title and there will be help (Popover) and its text.

2. Parameters: in the Parameters tab are the business settings of the widget (ex: which form is the source of information, number of records to be presented).

3. Icons: in the Icons tab, you can define the widget icon from the list of icons available on the TOTVS Fluig Platform (Font Icon). To display the available icons, just type a word in the field.

4. Registration Group: in the Parameters tab, there is the registration group that serves to segregate the information registered in the form.

For example: news from group A on page 1 and news from group B on page 2.



Schedule any type of item (cars, rooms, massages, projector ...) with the possibility of provisional reservations and preserves, which will be confirmed by the administrator of the agenda .


  • Registration of various types of items;

  • Registration of various types of agenda;

  • Administrator selection;

  • Control and reservation, pre-reservation and conflicts;

  • Display on Fluig Mobile platform.


  • The data comes from the AGENDA and ITEMS forms in the "Digte Intranet / Content / AGENDA" folder.

This widget will display the items that can be scheduled on the ITEMS form and the schedules will be recorded by the widget on the AGENDMENTS form. Any user can make a progress for the items, but only the calendar administrator can confirm the schedule. To define the scheduling administrators, a user group of TOTVS Fluig Plataforma must be configured in the parameters tab.

To confirm / change or delete a schedule, the administrator simply clicks on the schedule, in which a menu of options will be displayed.

The items column name and widget scheduling form can be customized through the parameters tab, with this it will be possible to have several types of schedules (eg cars, projectors, rooms ...), and for each one a form of separate items and schedules.